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Full fibre on its way to another 10% of Herefordshire
Wednesday 19 April 2017 12:10:27 by Andrew Ferguson

The news that 8,000 premises in Herefordshire are set to see Gigaclear pass them giving businesses and residents the option of Gigabit broadband will be welcomed by those who are yet to see any improvements via the Fastershire scheme.

Gigaclear has already delivered some 3,000 premises of full fibre via the Fastershire project mainly in Gloucestershire (Fastershire is a joint project between Gloucestershire and Herefordshire). Herefordshire with 9.63% coverage of Openreach GEA-FTTP will likely see the full fibre coverage double to around 20% with this additional roll-out.

"This is a major step forward, not only will more communities and businesses have access to fast and reliable internet, but Fastershire is starting to lead the UK in rollout of full fibre. We’re committed to ensuring that Herefordshire has a broadband network that will benefit the county for many years to come."

Leader for Herefordshire Council, Cllr Tony Johnson

Until Gigaclear release the detail of the footprint it is impossible to know the full impact on Herefordshire, but it is possible this could almost eliminate the 10% of the county that cannot get speeds above 10 Mbps currently.

County and constituency level broadband coverage across Herefordshire and Gloucestershire
Data as of 18th April 2017
Area % fibre based
VDSL2 or
% superfast
30 Mbps or faster
% Ultrafast
100 Mbps or faster
Combined FTTP and cable footprint
% Openreach FTTP % Total FTTP
e.g. Openreach, Gigaclear, Hereford CIC, ITS Tech
% Under 2 Mbps USC % Under proposed 10 Mbps USO
County of Herefordshire 93.1% 80.8% 9.90% 9.63% 9.90% 2.9% 10.6%
Hereford and South Herefordshire 93.7% 86.8% 8.0% 7.49% 8.01% 1.8% 6.3%
North Herefordshire 91.9% 73.5% 12.1% 12.08% 12.08% 4.2% 15.5%
County of Gloucestershire 92.4% 88.7% 42.3% 1.71% 5.22% 0.6% 4.5%
Cheltenham 96.7% 96.1% 72.3% 0.12% 0.16% 0% 1.8%
Forest of Dean 87.5% 77.1% 8.7% 8.67% 8.67% 1.8% 11.5%
Gloucester 96% 95.9% 83.6% 0% 0% 0% 0.9%
Stroud 90.3% 84.8% 8.3% 0% 2.12% 0.9% 3.8%
Tewkesbury 91.9% 89.6% 49.4% 1.11% 2.5% 0.5% 4.3%
The Cotswolds 89% 84.7% 18.9% 1.44% 18.92% 0.8% 5.9%


Posted by zyborg47 7 days ago
Wow, a whole 10%, before putting full fibre in, it would be a good idea if they at least put FTTC in places that still can not get it, or even ADSl would be nice.
Oh yeah, no money in that is there.
Our council is a joke
Posted by MCM999 7 days ago
Zybor847 " it would be a good idea if they at least put FTTC in places that still can not get it, or even ADSL would be nice." Have you not thought that it is likely to be many of those without access to FTTC or ADSL that are going to get FTTP?
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 7 days ago
@zyborg47 Am fully expecting these 8,000 to be in areas where people cannot get superfast now, thus lifting the Herefordshire figures, and as I said potentially eliminating the 10% that are under the USO target.

Posted by zyborg47 7 days ago
all well and good putting FTTP in place of FTTC or ADSL, but then they charge extra for it, even if people do not want that higher speed, i have just had a look at Gigaclear prices, Monthly cost £41, Instalation starts from £129 and then you still got an activation fee of £100.
i know of someone who moved into a flat that was connected to BT FTTP, and that is all she is able to have BT FTTP, because no other providers use FTTP apart from Zen and they are expensive as well.
Once again the lack of competition, i wonder why they choose gigaclear?
Posted by sheephouse 7 days ago
They chose Gigaclear as they were the bidder that offered the largest coverage, and included premises that other bidders refused to consider. For most premises in the Fastershire area, Gigaclear will be the cheapest option, as alternatives (e.g. BT's community broadband) would cost even more (less per month but much more up front).
Posted by sheephouse 7 days ago
Having looked at this, I'm now worried about the coverage that will be achieved in lot 3c in Gloucestershire. Assuming that the 8000 premises are in lot 3c and lot 4, that leaves 4000 premises in the Gloucestershire part of lot 3c to be covered in order to meet the 63% target. However, the Gloucestershire funding is proportionately much less than Herefordshire's, so unless it works out *much* cheaper per premises I can't see that being achieved.
Posted by comnut 7 days ago
Yes, must be nice to be able to afford all that stuff... :)
the 'super-car' simile still holds..

Faster, flashier, But... more expensive petrol needed per mile, more expensive parts, etc, etc.. and nowhere you can properly try it out..:/

A 'reasonably priced car' is MUCH more comfortable, affordable, with good speed *within* the law on normal roads, and more space for kids and luggage! :)
Posted by ian72 7 days ago
It is a no win situation by the looks of things. If projects go with FTTC then they get complaints that it isn't future proof. If they go with FTTP solutions then complaints come in that it costs more for the end user. It is impossible to please everyone (well, unless they give everyone FTTP and charge nothing but then people will complain because it will be paid for through taxes!). It is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.
Posted by comnut 6 days ago
I say again that these FTTP etc names are about as stupid as answering the question...

"what kind of car do you have?"
"its got 4 wheels.."

'bt infinity 2' is a proper name, as in this list..
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 days ago
In the context of this story, using the retail name of one providers product would be the wrong thing to do.
Posted by comnut 6 days ago
you mean Openreach, Gigaclear, Hereford CIC, ITS Tech are not retail names???

you mention them above...
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 days ago
Those are names of companies, and Infinity 2 is the retail name for what BT Consumer sell, e.g. Zen and others that consumer GEA-FTTC and GEA-FTTP have their own names for the product.
Posted by comnut 6 days ago
well if you list it as a service, please make sure you use the 'proper name' so we can refer to it properly!!!
Posted by andrew (Favicon staff member) 6 days ago
@Comnut I did use the correct wholesale service names.

Perhaps Top Gear when reviewing cars should call them all Model T's
Posted by Michael_Chare 5 days ago
@zyborg47. The Gigaclear installation fee is optional, as DIY installation is allowed. You can have your broadband contract over the Gigaclear networki with alternative suppliers.
Posted by New_Londoner 5 days ago
Quote "The Gigaclear installation fee is optional, as DIY installation is allowed" - DIY is not always practical- e.g. If fibre terminates at the top of a private road

"You can have your broadband contract over the Gigaclear networki with alternative suppliers" - name those available to consumers as opposed to businesses
Posted by Michael_Chare 5 days ago
@New_Londoner. Cotswoldwireless is a relevant example.
Posted by JacktheMac 3 days ago
I can't understand why some posters are complaining about FTTP pricing. Compared to the sub-2Mbps service we were getting via the BT network (nearest cabinet 2miles away, BT claiming any improvement 'scientifically impossible') Gigaclear's service is revolutionary. Easily worth £41 pcm. I'm currently on 500mbs: bliss.
Posted by comnut 2 days ago
yep, forget all the fancy names, go with the one that is *proven* to provide what you want!!

It all depends on availability in your area ( some parts of Skye would *love* 2Mbps!)
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